Recycle PE Foam Program

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What is Polyethylene Foam?

Polyethylene foam, also known as PE foam, is most commonly used to cushion products in packaging applications. PE foams are designed to provide maximum protection with a minimum use of material, reducing the amount of packaging required.

What is the Recycle PE Foam Program?

Polyethylene manufacturers and fabricators have an ongoing commitment to the environment. As part of that commitment, Sealed Air Corporation and AFP, Inc. have spearheaded a group of dedicated fabricators in North America to create the Recycle PE Foam program. This program is intended to provide a simple way for the consumer to recycle polyethylene foam they receive as protective packaging with products they purchase. The goal of this program is to increase recycling awareness and simplify the recycling process, while we continue to pursue the most environmentally sound practices in our manufacturing process of PE foam.

How Does the Program Work?

The Recycle PE Foam program is driven by the involvement of consumers and fabricators. These simple steps outline the recycle flow of PE foam.

  1. Fabricators may stamp PE foams manufactured by Sealed Air with the #4 recycle symbol
  2. Consumers send their PE foam material to a participating fabricator.
  3. The fabricator separates the usable product for recycling.

Please click the How to Recycle tab above to find a Recycle PE Foam return location near you and begin recycling!